Why SKONA™ Bean Bag is a must have item?

  1. Extremely comfortable and relaxing.
  2. The best ergonomic furniture to prevent health problems related to long sitting position.
  3. Highly portable and versatile. Perfect for small houses or apartments since it could be moved around easily.
  4. Absolutely light. The weight ranges between 2 to 6 kg.
  5. Exclusively stylish and attractive. Available in various design, colour and material.
  6. Unbelievably easy to clean and maintain
  7. Suitable for all ages, occasions and venues.
  8. Perfect gift for your loved ones.
  9. Definitely affordable.
  10. Perfect companion for your leisure time, i.e. watching tv, reading or simply relaxing.
  11. Perfect for nursery, kid's room, playgroup/pre-school or child care centre. Due to its nature as soft furniture, it would not inflict injury to kids if they bumped into bean bag while running or playing.
  12. Durable.

So, don’t wait any longer! Contact us or come to one of our outlets in Jakarta - Indonesia and experience the comfort of Skona™ bean bags!!!


Skona BeanBag Jakarta - Indonesia

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