What is Bean Bag?

Bean bag chairs are a popular form of furniture made of fabric or other materials and filled with small beads of styrofoam.

Skona offers a large range of bean bags that will enhance your quality of life. We are dedicated to your comfort. Our ergonomically and uniquely shaped bean bags provide the perfect combination of support, luxurious feel and comfortable New-Age interior furniture for today's modern home.

Skona bean bags are functional and stylish in looks. The wide range of designs plus our multitude of materials and colour schemes caters to your individual needs and preferences, cultivating a soothing and relaxing environment in your home - a great way to rest and relax from work or school.

Feel free to check out everything we have to offer. Our selections of bean bags are the most comfortable pieces of furniture that will ever invade your home. Set up your media room with cool home theater furniture, bean bags and bean bag chairs and watch your room become the envy of all your neighbors.


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